snowed in

I have a 4×4 911 turbo

a jeep overlander 4x 4

a porche off road thingie

4 horseys

5 pairs of skis

a snowboard

a pilots license

4 dogs

2 cats

20 ducks

dozens of cocks

and I am fucking snowed in and no cigarettes

Not happy.

I need one of Riccardos flying creatures but they just try to fuck me

4 thoughts on “snowed in”

  1. Not even a partridge in a pear tree??

    I thought you had all the essentials covered

    next you’ll be telling us you’ve no batteries left.

    OK, I’ll put on my hiking boots and set off in a few minutes….have the fire on, rug in front of the fire, and I’ll take your mind off cigarettes 🙂


  2. realy sorry for you Miss Hybrid and me i have only a poor car but i have a lots of cigarettes xxx

  3. Happy Christmas Miss Hybrid,

    I only wish I could be there to stuff your turkey for you 🙂


  4. miss hybird l only wish that l could cum down to u & let u suck my cock then fuck u up the ass while feelin ur breasts and feelin ur blackin stockings mmm xxxxxx

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