Miss Hybrid now offers a new service, “ask Felix”

Whatever your problems, I am here to help. No matter if its an issue with Miss Hybrids site or your ball cock, I will provide advice and help.

You only have to ask.



10 thoughts on “Miss Hybrid now offers a new service, “ask Felix””

  1. Felix,

    Every time I see the beautiful Miss Hybrids latest update I have this overwhelming urge to cum. Can you send her around to help me clean up afterwards ??

    Obviously, I’ll return the favour tenfold 🙂


  2. Felix,

    You were supposed to be here at 12 noon!

    Where the fuck are you….?

    If you have been taking it up the arse again without me watching I will not be happy


  3. Miss H,

    Good morning

    Er sorry about that but I was up all night with a sore throat.

    I will be with you in about an hour


  4. 1BB

    He has put a sick note in. Sore throat he says. I am not surprised.

    He is the only person I have seen deep throat better than me.

  5. Bloody typical…you really can’t get the staff!! I presume he’s still on his probationary period (oooerrr) so on Stat Sick Pay….or better still, no pay!!
    It’s probably just a pube stuck in his throat 🙂


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