Miss Hybrid’s new CCTV is working well…

I’ve been following Miss Hybrid around quite a lot recently, trying to get some good candid shots and video for the forum, but it is a thankless task. I get the odd bit, but have to be careful that she does not see the camera. The video is not quite so difficult as I have it in my briefcase, and that is never that far away from me, so does not look suspicious. However, she has noticed me hanging around at bit, and has started telling me to make myself scarce (not in those exact words, more like “Fuck off Felix, you little worm, haven’t you got some work you should be doing”).

Last week Ed was around, and I followed them both to the stables. I got a few pictures and a bit of video before being spotted, suitably chastised and sent on my way. Feeling a little disheartened, I suddenly remembered that new CCTV cameras had just been installed in the stables, so made my way to the old man’s study to see if I could get anything. Lord B was out anyway, so there was no chance of him catching me in there.

I shut the door, grab a brandy bowl and splash in a generous quantity of Chateau Montifaud 1975 vintage cognac and sit at the large leather chair behind the desk. I flick on the PC and sip on the cognac whilst waiting for it to boot up.  At last the login screen appears and I enter the old man’s credentials. (Of course I know his password, I set it up for him). I swiftly bring up the CCTV monitoring software and switch to the stables feed. A quick tweak, and Miss Hybrid swims into focus, doing a twirl in front of Ed, who is sitting on one of the hay bales. She turns her back to him and bends over, sticking her arse out at Ed. He takes the hint and gently rubs her hind quarters. She stands and then drapes herself over his lap. Ed lifts the red dress away from her bottom revealing a pair of see through red panties which he pulls up into her arse crack whilst rubbing the bare skin of her cheeks. He starts to lightly slap her buttocks in turn, and I zoom in the camera a little. The bulge in my trousers is starting to get uncomfortable, so I pull down my flies and free the raging beast. I slowly stoke myself with one hand as I control the camera with the other. After a short while she stands and sits herself between his legs. I try and keep her in the picture zooming back out again and turning the camera slightly. She reaches up and uncovers her beautiful round tits. Even with the quality of the CCTV, I can see her erect nipples as Ed reaches around and cups her breasts. As he massages her boobs, her hand slips down between her legs rubbing her panties and pulling them up into her pussy. I am so engrossed in watching the screen that I do not notice the door to the study open and Katie sneak in. The click as the door closes makes me look up to find Katie watching me wank with a hand in her panties.

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