My fantasy………Written by Felix

Being Miss Hybrid’s PA can, on occasion be pain in the backside – quite literally, especially when you miss some of the finer details.

I had arranged a business lunch for Miss H and a couple of associates. All the food had been arranged, fine wines and a rather excellent vintage port to finish off. I missed sparkling mineral water from the order, and only got still. Lucy had to apologise when one of the lunch guests requested sparkling water, and by the way that Miss H looked at me over the table, I knew that I was in trouble.

Lunch seemed to take an absolute age as I knew that I was not going to get away with it, and was wondering what sort of punishment in store for me. At last the guests were sent on their way and Miss H just turned to look at me and crooked her index finger beckoning me to follow. “Oh Shit!”, I thought as she descended the staircase into the dungeon.

“Remove all of your clothes”, she commands.
I remove my jacket, and hang it in the corner, before turning away and start unbuttoning my shirt.
“Face me”, she says angrily, “I want to see the shame in your face for embarrassing me and Lucy like that”.

It is only then that I notice Lucy standing there in her maid’s uniform holding a riding crop.
I turn back towards her and continue to remove my shirt. I take off my shoes and socks, balling up the socks and placing them carefully into the shoes. I unfasten my trousers and let them fall to the floor, before pulling down my boxers. I step out of my trousers and boxers and pile them up with my shirt.

Miss H approaches me and places a collar and lead around my neck. With a quick tug, on the leash, she leads me to the leather covered bench in the middle of the room. She bends me over it and takes hold of my arms which she pulls straight out in front of me before cuffing my wrists to the bench. My legs are then pulled apart and by feet manacled to the bench legs. My head is forced backwards to that I am looking along the bench towards my cuffed hands, and the leash is removed.

“Keep looking ahead, just like that”, says Miss H.

Miss H and Lucy come into view now. Miss H starts to remove her stark business suit to reveal a black half cup basque with build in suspenders for the stockings she is wearing, and a pair of black crotchless panties. Lucy removes her uniform. She is wearing exactly the same thing as Miss H, but in white. My cock has decided, at this stage, to make itself known to me, by starting to get hard. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but in the position I was, it was very uncomfortable as I was jammed up against the bench, and unable to free my manhood to enable it to stand proud. They can both see the affect that they have had on me and Miss H takes Lucy by the chin and kisses her deeply, mouths both wide open. Sometimes they separate slightly so that I can see their tongues intertwined like a couple of mating snakes. Lucy now moves her hand down onto Miss H’s crotch and starts rubbing at her clit with one finger. Miss H reciprocates, and moves down to take one of Lucy’s nipples into her mouth. My cock is now feeling like it’s going to explode, cramped as it is against the desk, unable to straighten up. They separate; Lucy picks up the crop, and disappears from my view. Miss H comes closer towards me, and I can smell the sex from her loins.

“Now”, she says calmly, “how many strokes do you think you deserve for that faux pas at lunch?”
“Two”, I say hopefully.
“No. At least twelve”, says Lucy, “I was really embarrassed”.
“Yes”, agrees Miss H, “twelve it is. Six on each cheek”.
Miss H then straddles the bench, keeping just inches from my face, and orders Lucy to start.
I hear the swish of the crop as Lucy thrashes it around to get a feel for it, and then THWACK, a searing pain shoots through my left butt cheek, and I cry out.
“Keep quiet!”,Miss H tells me, “Any more strokes that are accompanied by your whinging will result in the stroke not being counted”.
THWACK. I bite down and attempt to make no noise. “That’s Two”, says Lucy.
THWACK. My cock has now subsided and tries to crawl up inside me. “Three”
THWACK. I try and ignore the pain, and concentrate on the bald pussy just inches from my face. “Four”
THWACK. Miss H rubs her clit as I squirm in pain. “Five”
THWACK. She rubs harder and I can see the juices starting to escape from her lips. “Six”
THWACK. I am starting to get turned on again, the pain turning to pleasure. “Seven”
THWACK. Two fingers now slip inside her moist cunt. “Eight”
THWACK. My cock starts to harden again, even with the stinging in by buttocks. “Nine”
THWACK. A third finger joins the other two, and Miss H starts to move her hand faster. “Ten”
THWACK. The pain now seems to have been suppressed and only pleasure remains. “Eleven”
THWACK. I let out a groan as I try to free my trapped tackle. “That one doesn’t count”, Lucy declares, “he made a noise”.
THWACK. I can smell Miss H so close, but am unable to do anything about it. “That’s the last one”.


I have moved the rest of his disgusting filth into my members bog.

Miss Hybrid

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  1. Are you as good with a real gun as you are with my penis gun? lol, I guess I have a gun fetish from looking at your images.

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