2 thoughts on “My gloves taste nice”

  1. Mmmm, tasty gloves?? I bet you’ve been at the prawn again. I told you to call me and I’d tease the little beggar out of his shell for you, nice and pink and juicy, bursting with flavour. Don’t worry, I’d let you taste the juices too, and I’d even lick the plate clean afterwards 🙂
    Much more fun that way than getting your gloves ruined. Imagine when you go shopping and everyone thinks you work in a fishmongers……naah, get a man in to do it for you, then you can just have all the benefits and no clearing up afterwards 🙂


  2. Wow! Miss Hybrid ..incredibly hot photo! Yes please milk my pussystick!!
    but first let me pay my devotions to your gorgeous arse and multi pierced hot pussy, only then am I worthy to feel your black leather gloves on my pussystick.

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