Supermarket fun

I will tell you all about a recent supermarket visit. I wrote this true account for a very good friend, to help in his masturbatory activities.

I kept bumping into this man every row I went down. I was wearing a tiny skirt, I kept bending over right infront of him.

He was tall and well built, wearing a suit. I could see his cock hanging down his leg. He followed me everywhere, even when I re traced my steps. We never spoke, just smiled.

At the till he was still following me and was next behind me. So I put on a great show of getting my shopping out of the trolly, almost sticking my arse in his face.

By this time he was trying hard to hide his erect cock. It was straining his trousers out from his leg.I could feel my cunt juice wetting the inside of my thighs.  When i had paid for my shopping I re arranged my trolly to give him chance to pay for the few things he had bought.

As I set off out, he was right behind me. he was only carrying bags and I was pushing my trolly.

Halfway through the doors I knew he was close behind. I bent over more as I pushed in an obvious display of my arse. I felt his hand touch my arse and immediately one of his fingers was up my cunt. I just carried on walking. He was right by my side, finger in and going with me wherever I was.

He had is finger in my cunt as I walked, guiding him, heading for my car. I had both hands on the trolly. I had no idea what was going to happen but I had seen his errect cock straining at his trousers and that had really done it for me, I was soaking.

The movement as we both walked, was causing his finger to work in and out and he was really starting to lift me with it.

I felt his finger slide out of my cunt and the cheeky fucker put it to his mouth and smelt it. His hand was covered in my juice. He smilled at me and went to put it back up my skirt. Walking as though nothing was happening he ignored my soaking cunt and shoved his coated fingers straight up my arse.

I was now at my car. I clicked the boot open and put my bags in, bending over as I did so. He was stood right behind me and must have had a great view.

I shut the boot lid and with his fingers pushed me and my empty trolly. He was steering me to his car by his fingers.

I saw the lights flash on a Range Rover with blacked out windows. He put his shopping in the trolly and opened the rear passenger door and abandoned the trolly against his car.

He pushed me into the back seat and I crawled in. As I did so he pushed my skirt up over my hips.

I was on my hands and knees with my head against the far door. He climbed in behind me and I heard the door shut and lock. I felt his chest on my back and could feel him undoing his belt and unzipping his trousers.

His cock sprang out and smacked up against my completely exposed cunt.

His cock twanged up and hit my very wet clit with a thud. He had one hand on the back of my neck pushing me down and the other pulling my tits out.

He was moving his hips back and forward and his hard cock was rubbing its full length along my crack. It was so hard that it was pushing really strongly upwards.

He pulled back a little more each time. i could see underneath, his cock was huge. His cock was soaked and the end of it was bulging.

He pulled back far enough for it to slide up level up just right in line with my hole.

He held it there as I tried to push back to get it in.

Just then his phone rang. He fumbled to find it and answered. It was his wife or gf from the way he spoke.

He had one hand on the phone and the other around his cock. he was rubbing it against my hole.

As he was chatting away saying that he had just got out from the shop, he said he would put it on the hands free.

He lent into the front and put the phone in the cradle. Then fumbled for his keys, put them in the ignition and started the car.

I could now here the woman and him chatting as he resumed his cock rubbing.

He pulled his cock back and then rammed to whole length up my cunt. I tried to keep quiet but let out a gasp.

The woman was too busy talking to hear. He chatted away saying he would be a little delayed. He started talking dirty to her, telling he was going to fuck her arse in his office when he got back. “I was so turned on by hearing him talk to her that I had to rub my soaking swollen clit.

“I have just shoved my cock up a tarts arse in the supermarket car park” he said proudly. I let out a gasp! That was it Istarted to come.

“Who is she” the woman asked excitedly. “No idea, she has a soaking cunt though. Obviously a slut” he said, as though I wasn’t there. “You can listen to her come , I will leave the phone on, she is just about there already, the dirty tart,” he added.

“I’m coming” I squealed. The woman on the phone said, “Oh good girl”

He started fucking me really hard and pulled right out each time. He then spoke to me for the first time.

He just said ” hold your arse open”. I was still coming but I did as he said and he thrust it in .

“Fuck me” he said, “thats some hole the slut has, its gone in full depth, first push”

“Oh fucking hell” the woman said, “can you bring her too”?

7 thoughts on “Supermarket fun”

  1. That sort of thing never goes on at my local Waitrose! Did the mystery gentleman take you along to meet the lady on the other end of the line?

  2. It ASDA be the best supermarket story I’ve read, beats M&S (maybe not S&M though), at least you did it the SAFEWAY, did you go in BOOTS?? It TESCO’S to show I’ve been shopping in the wrong place :-0


  3. Yes, she was a bit of a tart though and was only interested in her own pleasure. (totally the opposite to me) . She was too bothered about getting her own pussy licked, the selfish little cow. She could however, take a good fisting. So she wasnt all bad.

  4. ‘A bit of a tart’- not so bad. ‘Selfish little cow’- not so good. But at least she took a good fisting!

    And you won’t let me have my coat? That’s just downright cruel and evil…..

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