13 thoughts on “Not Happy”

  1. OK Miss,

    I’ll come round and give you A-Z!! Let’s crank up the voltage and I’ll make your hair stand on end. We can generate enough friction to power the national grid 🙂


  2. I think I may have broken my other fucking machine crank shaft, I thought it was the main bearing but that was ok. There was a lot of banging and then it stopped. I think the big end may have gone as well. I Googled “Banging, big end, lubrication, noisy” my site came up number one on the list! At least I am not pissed an broke x

  3. ROFL….10/10…..Lukily my piston and rod are ok, just the bit that pushes them up and down is a bit fucked…can you help me mend it 🙂 ?? Maybe I should just do it manually instaed of depending on a fucking machine!!! It definitely likes to be well lubricated!


  4. I think you should do a bit of crack detection with your rod. You dont want to be on full power coming up behind someone then having it break or bend.
    If it starts flapping about it could do a lot of damage particularly if its a twin. a new set of rings would be required too.
    Dont go for those light weight rods either. You cant beat a thick, heavy one.

  5. They make you look a bit like a stern schoolmistress…..and I’m sure you’re more than capable of wielding a cane!

  6. You wouldnt want to cross me in this mood…. Waited in all day for bee fucking tea and the cunt hasnt showed… argh.

    If he does it will be pants down for him. He is going to get a smacked bottom and I dont care who knows it x

  7. By the way, I agree that you look sexy both with and without glasses. And I reckon if you spanked me I’d probably shoot my spunk all over the place!!

  8. See Miss Hybrid you have been banging that machine so much!! that it can’t keep up with you! ,and doubtless ur hot pussy has fried the circutry of the mechanism’s crankshaft and worn out the batteries faster than normal. , but periodic maintenance and lube applications on the sybian is in order.

  9. heehee, Don’t worry Miss, Rods of steel always..when you get the revs up and hard on they’re the only thing that will cope! A little heavier, but less flex and a stress free ride….as long as one’s big end can cope with the harder thrusting! It can make life hard on the rings too, but a good oil and once they’re well lubricated they don’t lose their elasticity 🙂


  10. OOOOOOooooooooooooo Hybrid is in very frustated sex kitten mode in the pic. Veeeerrrrrrrryyyyyy dark…Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrryyyyyyyyy hhhottttttttt-lol…
    But isnt this strange you can feel the sexual energy radiate from her. If another hot came in right now as the pic was been photographeed, Hybrid would be upon them-triple winks……
    I mean our Hybrid has to find some releasssssse -lol…Hasnt she????????-lol….
    School mistresss ….. Yeah naughty lads in a group, give Hybrid a whip-lol…That would help our goddess-lol…
    If that does not work, Hybrid????I am on my way to you kitten-triple winks……

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