Where would you aim?

Right, its a cold Autumn evening. The log fire is roaring in the medieval fireplace.
You open the door and walk in behind me. I have text you that I am waiting. You have a raging hard-on. Where would you aim?




8 thoughts on “Where would you aim?”

  1. Well, like any marksman, I would have to aim for the bullseye 🙂 An inner ring would be pretty good too, but the magpie would be a waste of time!!! ind you, I would be firing multiple shots, so it would hopefully go everywhere!!!


  2. O course I would aim it where ever you commanded me to, but since I’ have a shaved armpit fetish and I see your armpit is open, I would absolutely luv to fuck your armpit Miss H, oil it up nice and slip my hard tool in between your armpit! so i would aim for your armpit, just squeeze tight and soon you’ll have an electrifying load of sheboy cream in there.

  3. Decisions, decisions, decisions……where to start? I’d aim it in your mouth, your fanny, up your arse, in your face and all over your tits! And you look stunning in that last photo, Miss H.

  4. All the pics are great, Miss H- but that last one is my favourite. Its a really sexy pose, and I love the expression on your face…….

  5. Oooooo decisions decccciiissions -triple winks…..This is a huge problem isnt it guys and girls….When it comes to our Hybrid, where is the most erotic most sexually volcanic hotspot on our goddess’s sssssssuuuuuperrrrrr hot rack we would unleashhhh our pleasure upon….
    My hotspot Hybrid-your entire bodeeeeeeee ….Every blessed inch of it-lol……
    And yes, every pic above captures you in erotic supersexcat mode…….Your bode has a expression all by itself …The use of the candles aaaaaaacccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeee goddess-lol…

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