Talking about Aim!


I love shooting. I have just got some new camo gear which will make spying on people wanking and fucking much easier, I hope. I wonder if every English Lady gets off on hiding in her woods watching others fuck?

I have advertised my wood on the dogging forums, so far I have been the only one there.

7 thoughts on “Talking about Aim!”

  1. I have to say, I love a good Wood myself….It’s one of the best ways to stalk your prey! If you can manage to keep it up for hours, then your target will come along, and when they are so close that you can’t miss….BANG, fire your load and let them have both barrels. Sometiomes that really surprises them :-0 It’s no good trying when you’re too far away because you never know if your shot will actually reach the target, and there’s no point wasting ammunition 🙂


  2. I have banged hundreds of time in that wood, all calibers. Single shot, repeaters, ones you needed telescopic sights for, heavy loads, light loads and a few miss-fires. Bu Bum……or is ba boom? x

  3. Awesome photo Miss Hybrid, and love the color contrast!, just remember to shoot me with a tranquilizer dart in my butt, so I pass out, then you can haul me off to your lair for further interrogations as to why I was tromping around butt naked on your grounds with binoculars. (of course I will tell you right now why; it was in hopes you would capture me so I could get to kiss you gorgeous arse <…)

  4. LOL….I’ll make sure my wad is well packed before I fire….I prefer close range…’s always nice to see where your shot connects :-)….your wood or mine?? Which would you prefer….buckshot or fuck shot?? ……….I suppose thats a silly question really for a game bird like yourself !!


  5. Hybrid the huntress in sensual camo gear the contrast of the outfit blends in ideally to your volcanic bode superbabe -triple winks.
    And you can sense the chase pursuing all those wood visitors watching them-winks…..playing with your sacred santums as you watch-triple winks……o yesss leaping in to the action……
    O how I would love to watch Hybrid as she watches others in the act of openair sex,
    So I could walk over and play with her -triple winks….
    May I say excellent forest cover Hybrid….I am sure the doggers will find their way to your forest-lol….

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