Penny getting bored

Miss Hyrbid went off to Scotland this morning, instructing me to ensure that the fire place in the sitting room is properly cleaned out and new logs laid ready and lit by the time that she gets back. As her trip up north of the border was planned, she gave most of the staff the day off, leaving me having to do the whole job by myself. I really hate having to clean out the grate, you never seem to get that burned wood smell out of your clothes and hair from all the ash, and ensuring that nothing gets onto the fireside carpet. I fetch the Vax to clear out most of the old ash and then go back to the kitchen to get the rest of the cleaning gear.

So there I am, dressed in old jeans and a rather sparse T-shirt soot all over my face cleaning off the flagstones for, hopefully, the final time when Miss Hybrid’s step daughter Penelope wanders in.

“Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored”, she complains as she throws herself onto the settee. “There is fuck all to do around here, and Mummy took the Jeep, so I can’t go anywhere”

It’s been snowing and there is no way you can drive in anything without 4 wheel drive.

“You could try the Gym”, I suggest, without looking around.

“Already done that today”, she replies.

I drop the scrubbing brush into the bucket and stand up.

“Well, that should do it”, I say to myself clapping my hands together.

“Felix, I need something to do”, moans Penny.

“Maybe a game of cards”, I propose, “but I must just lay the fire and get it going”.

I just hear her as she says under her breath, “you should lay me and get me going”

“I beg your pardon, Miss”, I say, raising my eyebrows.

“Nothing, Felix”, she sighs, “just hurry up will you”.

I take all the cleaning gear back through to the kitchen with me, clean out the bucket in the sink and leave it to drain. Just outside the kitchen door is the wood pile, and I pick up a good armful of ready chopped logs and some kindling to take back to the sitting room with me.

Penelope is lounging on the settee, obviously having got up at some stage to get a pack of cards, which is lying next to its pack on the coffee table. I notice that there are fewer buttons fastened on her tailored blouse, showing off her cleavage and the edges of a very pretty looking red bra. She has kicked off her shoes, and I can see the tops of her stockings where her short blue pleated skirt has ridden up.

I place my armful of logs into the log bucket next to the hearth, put down a layer of crunched up newspaper, some kindling and then a few logs. I light the paper in three places and sit back to watch that the fire takes.

“Oh come on, Felix”, calls Penelope, “it looks fine. Let’s play”

I glance around, eyebrows raised.

“Cards”, she says accusingly.

“Of course, Miss Penelope”, I say, “Nothing else crossed my mind at all. What shall we play?”

“Gin?”, she suggests.


I pick up the cards, shuffle, and deal.

She picks the top card from the pack, discards one from her hand and lays down all 7 cards. She shows a 4 card hearts run 3,4,5,6 and three queens.

“Gin”, she says, “Take off an item of clothing”.

“What?”, I exclaim.

“You lost that hand, so take of an item of clothing”, she insists.

I remove one shoe.

Penelope deals the next hand, and manages Gin after four discard and pickups. My second shoe is removed, and I find myself barefoot and shirtless after three more hands.

At last a little luck shines down on me as I win the next hand. The remaining buttons on her blouse are undone and it joins my clothing in the pile on the floor. Her aureoles peek over the top edge of her bra. She looks over at me as I pick up the cards to deal the next hand. She runs her tongue over her upper lip and my trousers start to bulge.

The next hand goes on a little longer as I start to build up a 7 card heart straight, but she wins. I start to take off my belt.

“Let me”, says Penelope, “come over here”

I stand up and go over. She finishes removing my belt, and unclips my trousers before lowering my fly and pulling my trousers down to my knees. My erection points upwards through the pink crotchless panties that I am wearing today.

“Mmmm”, she comments as she grabs my arse and sucks the tip of my cock. Her tongue teases around the head.

“Oh, God, that’s good!” I exclaim.

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