Power Shower

I was really horny when I woke up this morning.  This, of course, is not an especially novel occurrence but having been allowed back in the game recently after just over a week of total abstinence, it was a little more urgent than usual. I didn’t really want a quick wank to tide me over, as I thought that it would be better to save it up for something (someone) more appreciative, and I always find that if I maintain that horniness for a while during the day, the end result is far more spectacular and satisfying. So after emptying bladder and bowels I stepped into the shower. Face, hair (what’s left), body. Concentrate a little on cleaning the todger, pull back the foreskin to ensure freshness there, lather up and a bit of stroke to keep in the mood and a finger up the jacksie just for fun. Shaving gel on the face and a quick scrape to keep that fresh faced look, and then on to the groinal area for smooth finish there as well. Freshly cleaned and scrubbed, I start to day dream a little under the hot water pouring onto my body.

If this was a film, the scene would fade in with wavy lines at this point.

I imagine Penelope sneaking in to my room while I am playing with myself in the shower. She hears the noise of the water splashing onto my body and sneaks the bathroom door open a little. She is dressed in just a short pink see through babydoll with matching thong. She peeks around the door to see me slowly caressing my hard cock, and her hand reaches inside her panties. She keeps watching me rubbing the head of penis, pulling the foreskin back and forth across it. With one hand on her cunt and the other squeezing a nipple, she loses her balance and the door flies open with a bang. I turn at the noise to see Penelope looking at my cock, hand still embedded in her crotch, the other holding onto the sink for balance. Without saying a word, I open the shower door and invite her in. She steps inside and the water soaks into the thin material of her babydoll, making it totally transparent. I pull her towards me, placing my cock between her legs to rub against her pantied pussy. She looks up at me and we kiss. The water washes over us as our tongues mingle and twist against each other. My hands grasp her behind and I squeeze the fleshy mounds. I feel her nails scratch down my back and then dig in to my bum as I slowly rub my aching dick against her cunt. I push her away from the direct stream of the shower and rip open her babydoll, exposing her tits and allowing me to get my teeth into her nipples. As I lean down and take her nipple into my mouth, I slip a hand into her panties and rub along her pussy and clit, two fingers sliding easily inside her. She responds by taking my ever hardening member into her hand and slowly squeezing and pulling on it. As our passion builds, we find ourselves against the wall of the shower area and slowly slide down it until we are lying on the tiled floor. I pull her panties to the side and thrust my dick into her waiting cunt. Her legs wrap around me pulling me as close as possible as our mouths lock together, hungrily tasting each other, whilst the warm water from the shower cascades over our writhing bodies. I feel myself rapidly approaching orgasm as I thrust in and out of her hot pussy.

A loud knock on my bedroom door shakes me from my reverie and stops me from wasting a load to the empty shower.

“Felix”, calls Lucy, “Miss Hybrid is looking for you, so hurry up in the shower”

“Thanks, Luce”, I call back as I grab a towel and start drying off.

I walk back into my room, vigorously towelling off my wet hair. I place the towel over the back of the chair and notice a movement in the mirror. Turning, I see Lucy lying naked on my bed, frigging herself slowly with two fingers as she watches me.

Continued in the private area of MissHybrid.com

One thought on “Power Shower”

  1. What a very naughty mind you have Felix??????-hhhhaaaaa

    Penelope has vast dark powers of teasing and seduction and can send her spirit across oceans and continents if the need arises. It is possible Penelope had this power all the time but even if she did not have it, Hybrid would have had no problem instructing her step daughter how to use it- winks to the screen with no malice intended.

    So even though she may not have been at the Manor, it is possible Penelope sensed your lust for her over long distance and sent her spirit to tease you..
    Very hot fantasy of Penelope Felix.
    And including the super sexy Manor angel Lucy in the mix, you have a extremely super steamy tale on your hands. ..
    How I would love to have Lucy across my bed- stop it Devil- Sorry lads now I am getting ahead of myself-hhaaa

    Which brings a thought to this Devil’s mind…
    Are Penelope and Lucy pooling their lustful auras together to drive Felix to distraction???-hhhaaaa

    Great characters based on real life temptresses of Hybrid’s Manor. Continue to walk the Path Felix….
    Excellent storyline. Keep up the great work.

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