Riding today?

It is a beautiful sunny but cold day.

I am wearing my jodhpurs and thighboots, not because I am going riding but because I love dressing like that.

I don’t really like horses as they make such a mess in my stables. I much prefer 2 legged stallions.

Felix is busy checking on maintenance work that needs doing around the outside of the house, I will go and bug him shortly

8 thoughts on “Riding today?”

  1. Hybrid-
    If you want to blow my mind, ride the sybian with your jodhpurs, thighboots and a pair of skin tight, wrist length, designer leather gloves. That would be about the hottest clip I can imagine. You’re so gorgeous!!

  2. Hmm, personally, I prefer the 2 legged fillies in your stable…..or you on your own 🙂


  3. Yes! Please do!! You’re absolutely the most beautiful, sexy and downright erectifying woman out here. Combine that with wicked, high end attire, including gloves and I’ll pay the price. You should really dress the part more often and I hope you do.

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