The plan

Miss Hybrid does not like to be thwarted in her advances. When she sees someone that she wants to see more of, she almost always get her way. However, Karen, one of the shop assistants at our regular lingerie shop has managed to avoid our favourite ladies clutches for some time now, and it is starting to get to her, especially as she knows that I have enjoyed the pleasures of her beautiful body. She strides into my office without knocking (as usual), interrupting me from sorting out the tax returns (which I do for all of the staff as well as Miss H and Lord B).

“Felix”, she says, “I have an idea as to how I can persuade Karen to succumb to me, and, as much as it pains me, you are going to have an integral part in my plan”.

“Yes, Mistress”, I reply, at bit of a loss, “anything for you”.

“You are going to call the shop”, she explains, “and you are going to ask her to come out to the manor with a sample of anything new that has come in recently. Once she is here, I’ll ensure that I am not available and perhaps you can coax her into modelling some of the lingerie for you. She seems to like you, and it would be a good start”.

“Sounds like fun to me, Mistress”, I say with a broad smile.

“You are then going to seduce her, and you will get her as turned on as you can, but do not make her cum”, she warns. “I will be watching via the CCTV and, when I feel that the time is right, I will join you, and I doubt very much that she will have any objections”.

“I look forward to that. Are there any toys or anything else that you would need available, Mistress?”, I ask.

“Mmmm,”, she cogitates for a second, “I’ll think about it and let you know. Meanwhile, make the call. I want her here this time tomorrow.”

“Yes, Miss, I’ll arrange it at once.”

I watch her shapely arse leave my office and pick up the phone. My finger hovers over the buttons and I put it down again as I realise that I don’t actually know the number. I look it up and once again lift the receiver and dial. It rings 4 times and then a voice answers with the name of the shop.

“.. and how may I help you”.

“Hello”, I say, “this is Felix calling on behalf of Miss Hybrid.”

“Oh, hi Felix, it’s Karen”, she says.

“Great! Just who I was after. Miss Hybrid would like to see your latest arrivals, but would like you to bring the stuff out here”

“We don’t usually do house calls”, she says.

“I know, but I’ll make it worth your while”, I suggest, “After we’ve been through the lingerie, maybe we could relax with a glass of wine. I could even cook you dinner if you’d like”.

“That sounds nice”, she says and then pauses, thinking it over. “All right”, she says, “I’ll be over around 4 tomorrow then. There is plenty to see, so we’ll need lots of time”.

“Excellent”, I respond, “We’ll see you tomorrow then”.

I hang up the telephone feeling in a rather good mood. I am starting to get a semi on just thinking about Karen in that lingerie. With a shake of my head, I bring myself out of my reverie and search out Miss Hybrid to tell her the good news.

There was no need. She had been listening in anyway.

“Well done, Felix”, she tells me as I catch up with her, “Just one thing, though, I would suggest having a bottle of ice cold Chablis available as soon as she arrives. No point in waiting until later”

“Yes, Miss, Thank you Miss”.

I return to my office to finish off the tax returns and dwell on Karen’s visit tomorrow.

The following afternoon, I pop off for a shower at around half three to freshen up. I have just got changed into fresh clothing, when the door bell sounds. She’s five minutes early. The bell sounds a second time, just as I enter the hall. I open the door to Karen who has with her a medium sized suitcase. She is dressed in a light red and white patterned dress (no evidence of a bra) and black sandals with a two inch heel. The colour complements her light brown skin, and for a moment I just stare. I quickly regain my composure.

“Come in, Karen. Wow, you look great”, I say, “Can I take that case for you?”

“Hi Felix, yes please”, she replies, handing it over, “and you don’t look bad yourself. Nice suit”.

“Thank you”, I say as I take the case from her. “Follow me”.

I lead her into the sitting room, where there is plenty of space in front of the fireplace for a show (if I can talk her into it) once I move the coffee table out of the way, and there is a convenient screen for her to change behind. I put the case down next to the settee and gesture for her to sit.

“Miss Hybrid will be along in just a second”, I tell her just as the door opens and the Lady of the manor appears.

“Thank you so much for coming out here, Karen”, she says, “I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, something has just come up that I need to sort out. I am so sorry that you have come all the way up here for nothing”

She turns and makes for the door, before stopping suddenly and turning back.

“Actually, I have an idea. Why don’t you just show the new lingerie to Felix. He knows what I like, and I am sure I can leave you safely in his capable hands. That way you haven’t wasted a journey, and I still end up with some lovely new lingerie.”

“Yes, of course, Miss Hybrid”, says Karen, “that would be fine”.

“Very Good! Felix, get the girl some wine for her troubles and I need a quick word with you before you start”

I follow Miss H out into the hall.

“Don’t let her drink too much, just a couple of glasses should do. We don’t want her passing out on us, now do we?”

“No, Miss”, I assure her, “I think I know what I am doing”.

“I bloody hope so, Felix. I can think of some very unpleasant jobs that need doing around here if you prove not to”, she warns me as she turns and walks off to her office.

I re-enter the room.

“Can I get you a glass of wine before we get going?” I ask.

“That would be nice”, she answers.

While I get the wine, she opens up the case on the floor and picks out the first items.

I sit down next to her and hand her a glass of Chablis.

“Thanks”, she says as she takes a sip and put the glass down on the table beside her. “Shall we get started?”

She lays out the first items on the coffee table. A bra and panty set. The panties are black and silky in a bikini cut with slightly ruffled elasticated waist and legs.

“These also come in white and red and there is a matching suspender belt as well”, she tells me.

I pick them up to feel the fabric.

“Nice. I like the smooth feel to them”

“Next we have a babydoll nighty”, she says as she holds up a sheer white babydoll with satin edging.

“Wow, I bet that’d look good on you”, I say.

She ignores me as she shows me the sheer tanga panties that go with it. I can just imagine Miss Hybrid in those and take a sip of wine to calm myself.

Next up is a black bustier with 1/4 cups and gold chain garters. The matching g-string panties are crotchless, and the lingerie is starting a stirring in my loins.

“It is quite difficult to visualise these properly without someone actually inside them”, I hint.

“You’ll just have to try”, says Karen sternly, as she takes another sip of the wine.

Next out of the case is a long satin nightdress in light blue, with a little white lacy detailing around the hem and bust line.

“You have to try that one on for me”, I plead, “You can’t do it justice just laying it out like that”.

“I really shouldn’t”, she says, starting to come around.

“Oh, go on”, I urge, “Look, there is a screen over there that you can change behind, and it’s not as if this one is particularly revealing”.

“I’m not even sure if it’s my size”, she argues.

“There’s only one way to find out”, I counter.

“Oh, all right then”, she agrees, “but just this one”

She has a quick swig of her wine as she gathers up the nighty and disappears behind the screen. I refill her glass and readjust my cock before sitting down again. Her dress appears over the screen where she hangs it while she puts on the night dress.

Karen appears sheepishly from behind the screen. I had not noticed the slit in the sides of the night dress before, coming up to the top of her thighs. Her coffee skin complements the colour perfectly. I can only stare, mouth open, hardly daring to say anything.

“You look fantastic”, I tell her.

She smiles shyly, “Do you really think so?”

“Oh, yes”, I say, “Give us a twirl, let’s see how it looks”.

As she turns her left leg is bared almost to the top. Gaining confidence, she points it forward showing it off.

“That looks great”, I encourage her. “What else is in your case”.

She brushes past me as she crosses over to her case. She bends over and picks out the next item of apparel – a thigh length sheer black babydoll with pink trimming.

“No”, she says, “not this one”, and she goes to put it back.

“Aww, come on”, I say, “I’m sure it’ll look great on you”, I look at her with puppy dog eyes.

“Oh, alright then”, she agrees and disappears with the garment behind the screen.

My cock nearly bursts through my flies when she reappears. The sheer material leaves little to the imagination, and the sheer full back panties can be seen through it.

She winks at me and turns quickly, causing the hem to fly up over her waist.

“Bloody hell”, I exclaim, “That looks even better that I imagined. You are truly stunning”

Her nipples stand out almost through the fabric as she takes a couple of steps towards me. My growing erection must be visible to her by now, but she chooses to ignore it.

“Now”, she says, “What’s next?”

She pulls the case out a bit further into the room and then bends over to look into it. Her gorgeous round arse is within touching distance, and the sheer material of the panties offers no barrier to my eyes. I can see her cunt, the long inner lips pressed up against the fabric, as a drop of moisture seeps through.

“Something a little more risqué, I think”, she says, digging down into the case, “and I know exactly what I am looking for”

She stands, her back towards me, keeping whatever it is hidden and goes back behind the screen.

When she returns, she is wearing a white bustier, the same as the black one she showed me earlier. Her tits are presented neatly by the 1/4 cups and she has slipped on a pair of fashioned nylons. Her hairless pussy is framed by the matching crotchless panties, pink inner lips lightly glistening with moisture.

“Well”, she prompts, “what do you think”.

“I, errm, I really don’t think I CAN think anymore”, I reply, dumbfounded. My dick is throbbing against the zip of my fly, having found its way out of my boxers.

There was I thinking that I was going to have to make all the running, and she is making the first moves. I feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights as she slowly approaches me, unable to move. She stands in front of me, leans forward and puts her hands on either side of my head before lightly kissing my lips. Her tongue snakes out and licks my lips which I part slightly to allow her ingress. I put my hands on her hips and pull her closer. She kneels on the settee as we continue to kiss. My hands explore her bum cheeks, caressing and kneading them, exploring the crease between them. Our tongues wrap together for a moment and then I pull her hips closer still and put my head down to take a nipple into my mouth. She arches her back giving me better access to her boobs and slips a hand down onto my crotch, rubbing my stiff cock through my trousers. She unfastens my belt, opens up my flies, and brings my hard-on into the light. I play with her breasts and nipples, sucking, licking, tweaking and kneading them as she rubs her ever moistening pussy against my throbbing dick. I roll her to the side so that she is seated and kneel down between her legs. The crotchless panties frame her naked pussy perfectly, moisture glistening on her lips. I lick along her long legs from the knees, slowly getting closer to her cunt. She moans quietly, sinks down a little further and stretches her legs wider.

“Come on, Felix, you tease”, she moans, “lick me please. Eat my pussy”

Not being one to disappoint a lady, I flick my tongue gently against her inner flaps where they protrude from her puffy outer lips. I suck one side into my mouth, and then swap to the other side, before taking a deep breath and shoving my tongue as far up inside her as I can. My tongue explores as much as it can reach, as I drink in her juices. My nose is rubbing against her clit while I dive deep into her soaking snatch.

Neither of us notices Miss Hybrid enter the room. Me, because I am nose deep in pussy, Karen, because she has her head back and eyes closed enjoying the fact that the pussy that I am nose deep in, is hers.

More ……….In Miss Hybrid

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