18 thoughts on “See this full size member, in me, in my members area”

  1. Did he catch us doing that on one of the cameras. Just as well he did not draw the one where I make my cock disappear all the way up your arse. Maybe tomorrow?

  2. Impossible to put a proper value on your piece of ass…eh work. Although didn’t someone pay 20m for that painting earlier this week? Would you sell yourself for 20m Hybrid?

  3. and remember its the maximum bid that wins not one of these … there are still 3 bids below £1 left

  4. Oh go on then, let’s do it like EBay, I’m bidding £18.99….now let’s see if I get outbid at the last minute 🙂


  5. Do you take EURO as well? I was thinking a roll of coins might make you squirm? Nice and tidy 1 EUR coins for the front and the fatter 2 EUR coins for the rear? Should at least add up tomore than what’s on offer so far!

  6. p.s. When does bidding end? I might just need to be sitting in front of the screen with my finger stroking my mouse at the crucial moment !!! 🙂 XXXX

  7. Ok, I’ve used Phantombidder to put my bid in 3 seconds from the end…..a really high one!! I’m not having sloppy seconds again….unless it’s my own!!


  8. Bugger,outbid at the last second ;-(

    Sloppy seconds again!

    I’m not going down this timethough 🙂


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