Taget practice.

If you have a real weapon get it out and take aim at my gusset target. I had not noticed the pattern in the pantyhose before, but very fitting.

In my members are I give the same target minus the knickers and pantyhose. Then I try and ram as many fingers as I can in my ass, its most of them by the way!

The update will be on my site shortly, then you will have to hurry though, as I cant stand like this for ever.

If you have a plastic weapon don’t bother, I have loads of them with flat batteries.


17 thoughts on “Taget practice.”

  1. mmmm, almost Arabesque!!

    There’s a jete of jism heading straight for the bullseye!! I like to get up close and personal so I can’t miss…nothing worse than a magpie when you really want to get it dead in the middle 🙂


  2. In fact, I could almost rival that horn on the wall behind you 🙂

    Poor old stag probably went out while he was rutting 🙂


  3. oooh Grate pose 🙂

    Now if I could get in there to poke your fire, everyone would be happy 🙂


  4. Fake weapons never do the job….just like you Miss Hybrid, I firmly believe that it’s got to be the firm real thing that shoots straight….those imitation things only melt when the barrel starts to get hot 🙂


  5. Inviations like that can be impossible to turn down…..I’m cummi…..shit, too late again 🙂


  6. if 3 fingers in your ass is most of them well i can get a fist in my ass and ive got big hands you proberly could get both of your hands in my ass mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. The way I see it is that with the way my cock is pointing to the ceiling right now I could easily stand to your right and you can rest your foot on the tip of my cock in the same position. Wanna try?

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