Stiff, Staff Party

Miss Hybrid is away for most of this week, as is Lord B, for whom I managed to organise another week at his favourite spa to coincide with Miss H’s trip with her mother.  So, I am organising a staff party. Well, staff orgy would be more accurate with any luck. I have been preparing the Ballroom for most of the day, ensuring that there are plenty of places for fornication to occur, and checking that all of the new hidden CCTV cameras are in working order. We had a number of new cameras installed during the recent refurbishment of the Ballroom, so there are no obvious signs of any at all. It is only me, Miss Hybrid and Jane that know that there are any in the Ballroom at all.

Food and drink has been organised (we must ensure that we all keep our strength up) and I have raided the “toy” cupboard for extra entertainment. I have asked everyone to meet in the ballroom at 7pm sharp so that we can get the party started and amazingly enough, they all turn up on time. Jack and I have been helping Simone (the cook) to bring in the food. It is just finger food, nothing too fancy, easy to pick at when required. I hand everyone glass of champagne and then ask for silence as I propose a toast.

“Ladies and Gentlemen”, I intone,  “Tonight is for all of you. Have fun. Use what toys you like. All is acceptable here between consenting adults. Just remember that we will have to clean up in the morning, so try not to make too much mess. Please raise your glasses in appreciation of the Lady of the house. After all, where could you hope to get a better job?”

Glasses are raised

“To Miss Hybrid”

The usual toast style mumbling occurs, glasses are drained, and refilled. Plates of nibbles are stocked up from the tables and small groups form as stories of the week are swapped.  Barely noticeable background music plays quietly below the buzz of voices. It seems strange to see the women in civvies, all have dressed to impress in very little as it is so warm. Short skirts with light tops and light dresses are the choice. I also notice that most of the girls have forgone their bras. Only Jilly seems to be wearing one, a small half cup affair, showing through the white translucent top that she is sporting. I also see that she has stockings and suspenders on under her light skirt, the tops just making themselves visible below the hemline. The guys have dressed smartly, but also in light clothing – loose slacks and cotton shirts.

Jilly crosses over the room to the small stage, usually used for live bands, but it has a pole set centrally for obvious usage. Andy follows her over and goes to the back of the stage, where the sound and lighting controls are. The background music stops and is changed for something a little more upbeat, the lights are lowered and a spot shines on Jilly, now centre stage next posing with the pole. She starts to move slowly to the music grinding her hips and losing herself in the rhythm. She grasps the pole and spreading and bending her legs, rubs her pussy along it. She stands, wraps one leg around the pole and holding on with one hand swings herself around it. It seems that Jilly was a professional pole dancer in a previous life, and she gives us a performance that gets the men rock hard and the women soaking wet.  She lifts her skirt to show us her tiny white panties. A hand slips inside as rubs her cunt, carefully catching the eye of each of her audience as she strokes herself. Sensuously, she licks her fingers and then unfastened the buttons on her blouse. Button by button, the light blouse slowly reveals her lacy black half cup bra, her pink nipples just peeping out over the top. The last fastening released, she shrugs the top off her shoulders and throws it to us. Jane catches it and presses it to her face, breathing in Jilly’s scent. The skirt is next. A quick flick at the waistband, and it drops to the floor and is deftly kicked aside. Her hands reach up to her breasts and pull down the front of the bra, exposing her full round boobs. She massages her tits and fingers her nipples, pinching and pulling on them. A hand slips back down to her cunt and she pushes the fabric of her panties into her. The crotch of the knickers and two fingers disappear up into her pussy. She pulls them back out again, and spreads the soggy fabric over her slit, making very little difference to what is visible as the cloth is now totally see through.

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