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Miss Hybrid Wanking Hard

Miss Hybrid Wanking Hard to bring you the finest stories and photographs. I do love a good double ender. You can see I have been hard at it sat at my desk.

Sometimes I get a little distracted but I just have to call my maid lesbian “Pet” and she soon sorts things out for me. You can’t lick a good “Pet”

Miss Hybrid Wanking Hard, lesbian, pet, stockings, nylons, boots, stilettos








Let me know what you think.

Licks Miss Hybrid and Pet

Miss Freeones Round 2 of Voting has begun! May the stuffing of my box, with your 3 a day commence….

Vote For Miss Hybrid as Miss Freeones 2012 Round 2Use the below link for my youtube video

Miss Freeones Round 2 has begun vote for Miss Hybrid 2012

I still need my 3 a day, so give me a jolly good stuffing in my box with your votes here

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Kisses Miss Hybrid xxxxx