The Classroom

Miss Hybrid is in a bit of a playful mood today, which does not bode well for my dignity. There was a strange smile on her face when I saw her this morning as I pickup up my cup of tea from the kitchen. There was mention made on the forum recently of schoolgirl uniforms and it has obviously been playing on my employer’s mind. A couple of days ago, she strides into my office and perches on the edge of the desk, the slit along the leg of the plain grey skirt that she is wearing falls open to give me a lovely view of her stocking tops and the tailored blouse exaggerates the size of her already formidable chest.

“Felix”, she says, “I noticed some old school desks in the store room the other day and that gave me an idea. I would like to get at least four of them, a blackboard and an office desk set up as a schoolroom.  There is plenty of room in the hayloft, so I want to use a corner of that. Get it organised for me.”

So with a bit of help from Stefan and Andy, we find six serviceable school desks which need minimal cleaning, a large blackboard and an office desk, all of which we take up to the dungeon along with some chairs and set them up like a classroom. I even find an old globe and a couple of posters that look as though they might be found in a classroom circa 1970. It all looks pretty good, albeit you would not normally see chains, whips and restraints adorning classroom walls (well, not where I went to school, anyway).

This leads me back to today.  I returned from the kitchen to find a package on my desk with a note in Miss Hybrid’s handwriting. “Put this on and then go to the classroom”.

This could be fun, I think to myself, a bit of skooldaze dress up should get the day off to a good start. I wonder if she has got that school uniform she made me wear earlier this year out again.

The answer to that would be no.

I unwrap the package to find a short grey pleated skirt, white shirt, tie, white suspenders, black stockings, pair of white silky bikini style knickers and a pair of black heels.

I quite like the idea of this, my kinky side coming to the fore. I quickly strip off my suit, neatly laying my discarded clothing on my chair. I pull on the panties first, the silky material feels very erotic against my skin, and I feel myself hardening already. As I pull them up I notice that there is a convenient hole in the rear end. Suspenders and then stockings go on next. I pull them over my legs slowly, relishing the sensation of the nylon as it rubs against my legs. The shirt/blouse is next followed by the skirt, then the tie for which I use my usual Double Windsor knot at first. I dawns on me that that might not quite be suitable for my current attire and go for a short fat knot instead. Finally I slide my size 10’s into the heels and totter out into the corridor. No one else is about until I reach the front door, where I see Jane dressed similarly to me with the addition of pigtails and Stefan in school boy’s outfit, including grey shorts and a cap.

“Looks like you managed to piss her off again, hey Felix”, he smirks.

“Oh, I don’t know”, I say hesitantly, “I quite like this little getup”

We walk across the courtyard to the hayloft together, and being the Gentleman that I am, I indicate for Jane to take the stairs first. The short skirt does nothing to hide her red see through thong, and she knows it, taking her time in climbing the steps, showing herself off to me and Stefan. I feel a renewed stirring in my panties as we follow her up. Entering the “classroom”, I see that Andy, Lucy and Jill are already seated.

“Pretty as picture, Felix”, calls out Jill as we go to sit down.

“Thank you”, I say, ignoring the obvious sarcasm in her voice, “You look pretty good yourself”

She has her blouse tied up under her tits, enhancing her décolletage, with just the hint of a powder blue bra showing around the edges. I take the seat to her left, taking in her long white socks and the bare skin of her thighs as I do so.

The six desks are arranged in two rows of three with space between each one that our teacher can walk between. Jane sits behind me, Stefan to her right and Andy at the end behind Lucy.

“Felix, you usually know what Miss H has planned, what’s this all about?” asks Lucy.

“I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that it might have been because of something I said in jest the other day”, I reply.

Just then, the door opens and Miss Hybrid appears. She is wearing a black latex top with white cuffs and collar with a tie detail on the neckline. The latex skirt is also black, and just comes down to the top of the thigh length, high heeled boots which are intricately laced in a criss-cross pattern at the back. Black latex opera gloves cover her arms to just above her elbows. She is holding a tradition bamboo cane in her hand which taps against her boots as she stands in front of the class.

“Good morning boys, girls and worm”, she intones, “I see that you have all come properly dressed as requested. Pig tails for all the girls is very good, except for baldy Felix. That’s one black mark for Felix for not having pigtails.”

She turns to the book on her desk, opens it and writes something before closing it again and turning back to us.

“Right”, she says, “today we are going to be studying ‘doggy style’. I want those of you in the front row to stand up and then lean forward over your desks, and part your legs so that your feet are at the edges of your desk.”

Jill, Lucy and I all stand and bend over our desks.

“Stick your arses out a little further please ladies”, she orders, and we do so.

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