The Training Collar

It seems that I must have transgressed again somehow. I’m not totally sure what I did, but it may just be an accumulation or a reminder of who’s the boss around here. I have been ordered to her office armed with strap on, lube, sand and dog training collar. I might just forget the sand as I really don’t like that sound of that. I may just be being paranoid, of course. She may need these items for someone else. Well, I live in hope – just as long as I can watch.
I knock on the door, carrying the requested items.
“Come”, she calls out.
I slowly open the door and peer in before the rest of my body follows my head into the room.
She peers over the top of her glasses as me. I notice the buttons on her white blouse straining to keep her boobs encased and her nipples clearly outlined against the fabric. My cock twitches in response.
“Shut the door”.
I turn quickly and do as I am told.
“Strip”, she tells me as she comes around from behind her desk picking up her riding crop as she does so. She is wearing thigh length black boots laced all the way up the back, over her “easy access” jodhpurs.
I take off my jacket and tie, followed by my shirt. My shoes and socks are next and finally I unfasten my trousers and step out of them. I am just about to pull down my pink satin panties, when I am halted.
“Stop”, she commands, “you can leave those on for now. Fasten the collar around your neck and pass me the remote”.
I do as instructed, holding out the remote control unit for the electronic collar.
“Now get down on all fours”, she tells me.
“I beg your pardon, Mistress?”, I make the mistake of asking.
She presses a button on the remote
“Aaarghh”, I suggest, as my muscles tense up and I fall to the floor.
“Don’t question me”, she sneers at my misfortune, “just do as you are told”
“Now, come along, Felix”, she says in that high pitched tone that dog owners use when talking to their pets, “Heel”.
I scamper to her side. She takes the strap on and puts it into my mouth in lieu of a bone. I suppose it makes sense. You give a dog a fake bone, I get a fake boner. She holds open the door for me to go through and then walks off down the passage, with me on all fours scampering as quickly as I can to keep up.
“Hurry up”, she says as she presses the button once more, sending another shock through me. At least this time I have something in my mouth to bite down on. I am finding it difficult to stay beside her, but at least lagging behind a step or two gives me a great view of her arse.
We cross the courtyard in the freezing cold. My feet feel like lumps of ice by the time we reach the hayloft. She sends me up the stairs first, using the crop to encourage a little speed from me. On entering the dungeon, I see that I am not alone. Andy is tied to the large X shaped cross on the other side of the room, and about 3 or 4 yards in front of him is Alice (the latest addition to the household), who is fastened to a padded saw horse with her arse towards Andy. Both have ball gags in their mouths and have been blindfolded. Alice is quite slim in build, blonde, brown eyes and quite small at just over 5 foot. Her tits are small probably an A cup, maybe just a B, but her nipples are prodigious, close to an inch long when erect. She is moaning gently to herself, her hips moving erratically. As I am led closer by Miss Hybrid, I can see why. She has the end of a butt plug just peeking from her jacksie and a butterfly vibrator strapped across her pussy, which has been left running on a low setting. Her low animal sound has obviously got to Andy, who is sporting a massive hard on, and the sound is now making my dick stir as well.
I look up at Miss Hybrid, who puts her finger on her lips indicating that I should be quiet. She moves between Andy and Alice, unhooks the butterfly and crooks a finger at me. Still on all fours, I make my way over…

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