Cleaning the Library

Miss Hybrid is away for a few days, and Lucy and I have been asked by her to tidy up the library so that it has had a proper spring clean by the time she gets back from Scotland. It seems that Lord B had a couple of his friends around last night, and they have left the place in a bit of a mess. I suppose he was just having one last blast before Stefan took him to the health spa this morning.

The manor is pretty empty at the moment, just me (Jilly), Lucy, Felix and Andy left. Katie went off with Miss Hybrid to Scotland, Stefan is driving Lord B to his spa and then has the rest of the weekend off. The cook and Jack have disappeared off together, having also been given the weekend off.

Lucy and I enter the library to face the chaos. Empty bottles and ashtrays full of cigar butts litter the surfaces and rings from glasses not put on coasters need to be cleaned up as well.

“Jilly”, Lucy calls me, “you make a start on clearing away the rubbish, I’ll vacuum the floor”.

We quickly clear away most of the mess, and then I start on polishing the tables. Lucy grabs a duster and climbs the short ladder to dust the tops of the books and the top shelf. As I glance up at her, I see that she is wearing a sheer pair of white knickers with frills across the butt, that beautifully show off her lovely round bum. Apart from the panties (I am wearing a tiny string, with just a triangle of white silky material to cover my modesty), we are identically dressed. The maids uniform for this week consisting of black stockings and suspenders (as usual), short black silky skirt, white blouse with a ruffled off the shoulder neckline, covered by a black lace up leather bodice. No bra, so that our nipples can be clearly seen through the blouse.

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