Oh dear, what is she planning?

With Miss Hybrid away on holiday I have had time to check through her  computer.

I have found what appears to be a shopping list. I do not understand why she should want a web cam and other electronic gadgets to allow broadcast of cctv feeds to the internet.

I will now go look at her browsing history, If I dare.


7 thoughts on “Oh dear, what is she planning?”

  1. Felix,

    I’m not sure that sneaking peaks at Miss H’s browsing history will be good for your health when (note when not if) she finds out.
    As for the shopping list – Are you really that dim? It’s obviously to keep and eye on you and the rest of her perverted staff when she’s away. Mmmm, just a thought, but the rest of us may find out just how bad it is for your health if the web cam and stuff has been installed when she finds your footprints all over her new mac.

  2. You are doing a great job looking after Hybrid’s erotic empire on the net while she is away, Felix.

    Our dark goddess works in mysterious ways. It is Hybrid extending her trust to you Felix her lieutenant. You basically have the keys to the kingdom. I would tread carefully though. But bear in mind, Hybrid might expect someone to give a glance at her history so that when she has a few ideas to throw around, she will not encounter silence. Something tells me that would be worse-devilish smile to the screen…
    O yes she is up to something alright so be cautious…..
    But not ttttttttttoooooooooooo cautious hhhhhaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Oh dear,

    I think the old rhyme starts “Ding Dong Dell…….
    Careful Felix….you’re being watched 🙂

  4. 1BB,

    Felix has fucked up big style this time. i was keeping the cctv thing a secret.

  5. Down the well with him, and put the lid on!!

    Mind you, I’m glad he gave us the heads up about the cctv….I don’t really want everyone else seeing what we get up to in private!!


  6. Send Felix to me Hybrid-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa with volcanoes erupting in the background for that extra visual effects.

    But on a serious note, CCTV would be a great addition to Hybrid’s site. For members it would be Paradise.
    Seeing our goddess with her staff and guests in every erotic encounter.
    And Hybrid would make a very sexual seductive hostess.
    I like the idea.

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