Miss Hybrid’s private photos, on my camera.

Mistress photographs herself on my camera, being fucked in the car Search ‘Felix’ to see all my photos.
Mistress  said she would like to take my new camera to the shops with her
I could not refuse, as I was a little tied up! I mumbled “HOOGH KAY’ as best I could, through the jennings gag.
Miss Hybrid is very considerate and would not leave me alone, whilst I was in bondage, so she kindly arranged for her step daughter, Penelope, to look after me. I am not sure that Penelope has quite grasped the concept of ‘look after’ . By the time the grinning Mistress arrived back Miss Penelope and managed to extract numerous loads of cum from me. Some was in her stomach, arse and pussy. The remaining deposits were distributed in dribbles from her small tits, all the way to the wooden floorboards, where semi translucent pools had formed.
Miss Hybrid passed my camera to Miss Penelope and said  ‘here sweetie, see what step mummy has been doing’. Penelope turned on the camera and looked very excited by what she was seeing. She flicked through a few and then turned the camera for me to see. The photo was of Miss Hybrid, being fucked in the back of the 4 x 4. Judging by the leakage from her pussy, I believe she had just received what I understand is known as a ‘creampie’. Unfortunately the photo had an instant reaction on my worn out cock…. some time later Penelope became bored of trying to extract spunk from my empty balls and set me free. I was now able to return to my room and download the photos, to see them in detail. What a fantastic treat I was in for. Miss Hybrid had photographed her reflection in the mirror before going out.

She was wearing pantyhose under a very revealing dress. The pantyhose must have got in the way of her plans as in the next photos, taken in the back of her car, she is wearing open crotch, or torn pantyhose and some very nice open crotch knickers. She is not alone in the rear of the car. From the photos it looks as though she is parked up in a wood or some similar place. Before long her male friend is parked up in her well used place! I hope you like these very explicit private photos.

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