To see the private goings on at the manor, search “Felix”

Hi, my name is Felix, and I have the honour of being Miss Hybrid’s PA. (Personal Assistant, although Miss Hybrid says it stands for Perverted Arsehole).

A couple of months ago, I acquired a new camera and tried it out by taking a few more candid pictures of my employer. I posted some of the results on her forum, and it seemed that they were very well received by the members there, even if the quality was not great. Since then, I got myself a small video camera, which I secreted in my briefcase and use to film secretly. I have posted some of this footage on the forum as well. Miss Hybrid has let it be known that as long as she does not catch me actually taking the pictures and/or film, she is happy for me to show them to you, her fans.

With Lord B being away or bed bound a lot of the time these days, I have also managed to get access to the CCTV dotted around the place. The main feed goes straight to Lord B’s study, and I have recorded some of the goings on around the place.

You can have a glimpse here at my old site

I have now however, managed to worm my way into Miss Hybrids main site.

To see the results of my endeavors, click the link here and once into the free area search “Felix” and all will be revealed. I am currently working on some rather devious plans to stream live feeds directly from the cctv. I hope to get it running in the very near future.

Here is a quick example

All new photos from me are being added as the oldest updates, so they do not appear on the calendar.

I would also highly recommended Volume 1 of my private diaries, with fantastic illustrations by Riccardo. Volume 2 is written and will be published shortly


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