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First For Masie, Miss Hybrid And Masie Dee Stick On cock And Vibrator

First For Masie, Miss Hybrid and Masie Dee Magic HD Video Update

First for Masie as she plays in the bath with mistress.

First for Masie in the spa with Miss Hybrid

Miss Hybrid takes her new pet slut for a spa bath. There’s no need to get undressed. Mistress much prefers the wet, see-through look. And see Miss Hybrid’s beautiful nipples showing through her now soaking wet top. Pulling Masies wet panties off and watching her fuck herself with a vibrator is the first stage of the hot, sexy fun. Watch how mistress teases Masies swollen clit with a selection of sex toys and gentle running water.

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First for Masie Dee and Miss Hybrid squirt in the spa

Masie enjoys something she has never done before.

Miss Hybrid has the perfect sized stick-on cock for Masie to shove up her very needy hole. Masie fucks herself on the cock after playing with the vibrator rubbing her clit under water. Then mistress calls Felix to make Masie do something that she has never been able to do before. Wait until you see her reaction of Masie as she writhes on the towel carefully place by Miss Hybrid. Miss Hybrid gets so horny filming this and then editing this video her pussy has been throbbing for days. Please watch and enjoy.

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Camel Toe Panties Anal Dildo Fuck Miss Hybrid HD Video Update

Camel Toe Panties Anal Dildo Fuck HD Video Update

Wearing my Wicked weasel camel toe panties and a pair of beautiful, rare vintage stockings I make myself come on a bulbous glass butt plug before doing the same thing again in my arse. So so horny!

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Miss Hybrid, see the Headmaster.

Miss Hybrid

My English Teacher was appalled by this story I wrote….. She told me to take it to the Headmaster and see what he had to say. I dragged my feet along the long corridor until I reached the dreaded place. I knocked on the his door. He made we wait for what seemed like ages, as all power mad people do.
“Come in” he shouted.

Miss Hybrid, schoolgirl, slut,


He was stood by the window staring blankly. “Now Miss Hybrid, what brings you here?” he asked. I just passed him my story…….he started to read. It was silent except for the sound of his breathing which was getting faster.  About a page into my story he subconsciously reached down and adjusted his trousers. My gaze followed his hand. He pulled at his trouser material and I could see a long bulge making his shiny, dirty trousers stand out. He looked up at me and saw where I was looking. He went back to the reading. The bulge was getting bigger and pushing the material of his trousers out. He walked over to his desk, sat down and put the story down. “That, Miss Hybrid, is filth. I will keep it here so that it does not get into the wrong hands. This cannot go unpunished. What I have read is disgusting. I think I may need to invite your Mother to read this.” “The rest is worse”, I blurted out.
“Miss Hybrid, enough. I will read the rest of the story and require you to return at the end of classes.” he instructed.  As I left his room I thought, “it looks like Mummy is going to have to suck his cock again, just like when I was going to get expelled last time”.

Come and see the rest of my story

Afternoon Fuck for Miss Hybrid (hopefully)

Lord be has Arranged one of his old friends, Geoff to come round this afternoon.
Since lord B had a heart attack he is even less able to get a hard-on. His shriveled up maggot wasn’t up to much anyway and now its totally useless.
anyway, Lord B is going pretend to be out when Geoff arrives but will really be watching on the cctv which is fitted into every room, with sound, from his study.
LB wants me to try and seduce his old pal and give him a blow job. This is the only way that the poor old fucker gets any sexual pleasure.
Depending what Geoff is like I may fuck the old boy. I am desperate as I havent had a fuck for 4 days since I went to the Doctors.
I have fucked a lot of old men. You just cant believe how good they are at it. Some still have absolute wangers but all have very full balls begging to be emptied. Geoffs might be getting emptied up me !
Lb would go mad but would not be able to stop me for fear of giving the game away, he may even peg it.
He knows now that I fuck about but tries to stop me.
He examined me after the Doctors visit and found that I had a swollen pussy wet pants and come leaking out of my ass. quite difficult to disagree with I suppose.
Before he had a heart attack I wasnt alowed to do anything. but since I am getting away with murder.
He wants me to put on shows but only to entertain himself and his old fart friends. He expects me to get no pleasure, those days are over. i am going back to my old ways and I will be getting my little holes fucked at every opportunity.
Drop me an email or leave a message on here if you want to know how I get on this afternoon with Geoff.
Bye for now, oh and this is what I am wearing, no knickers obviously so LB wont be able to get off sniffing them x x

Well, that was harder work than I expected.
Geoff arrived at the gates and called on the phone. I could see him on the cctv.Lord B said “put on a good blow job show” as I pushed the button to open the gates and watched the 4 X 4 drive in.
Lord B scurried off excitedly to his study, no doubt to get some life into his maggot.
The drive is about half a mile long so Geoff took a while to arrive.
I stood waiting at the front door to welcome him.
I made sure I looked impeccable, a perfect lady, except for a leaking pussy and missing knickers.
I reckoned the you could just about see my cunt lips as I walked and obviously my rings.
Geoff arrived and parked up in the court yard just in front of the doors.
He opened the door and got out switly.
He smiled and started towards me. “Hello, you must be Hybrid” he asked, almost as though it was a question. “Lord B has told me about you but I was expecting someone much older”
He was much older than I expected too but you cant say that, can you?
“Where is the old limped dick bastard then? Not here to greet me?” he bellowed as he followed me into the house.
“No he had to dash out, he asked me to give his apology and asked to look after you. Would you like a drink?”
“I will have a G&T he said and make it a stiff one!Ha Ha ha ” He went to sit on the sofa.
I walked to the drinks cabinet and as I was pouring the drink he asked “Is that why you arent wearing any knickers young lady?”
“Sorry?” I asked. “Knickers, I can see you arent wearing any ,the sun is shinning straight through skirt. is the reason for their absence down to you looking after me. Oh good, you have a pierced pussy too, I will enjoy fucking that. What time is the old cunt back, how long have we got?”
I thought to myself, The cocky bastard, still it makes my plan much easier.
Geoff was a heavy man, 16st perhaps, you could tell by his face he liked a drink, other than that he looked quite fit for an old fucker.
“Two hours I said”
“Good” said Geoff, “there is no point in fucking about with formalities, when you dress like that everyone knows you are a slut, I just hope you are worth taking my trousers off for.”
The clever fucker I thought. Still I bet Lord B will be pissed off listening to this.
“Get your trousers off then” I said to him.
He stood up unbuckled his belt and let them drop to the floor.
I nearly burst out laughing, his cock was tiny, it may have been as small as Lord B’s even. “Fuck me” I said, “who do you think you will satisfy with that thing?”
Cool as anything he replied “me”.
My pussy had now dried up, that was a first, but this arrogant small dicked old fucker had done it.
“Enjoy your drink”, I sad “The sad old cunt is in the study watching you on cctv if you want him. I am going out and going to get fucked up the arse by a proper man.
“You can lick the spunk out of my arse later Lord B, if you behave” I shouted, looking at the hidden camera.