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Felix gets Miss Hybrid’s cast off.

Miss Hybrid’s friend Joanne stormed past me down the stairs, towards the front door.

“Are you alright, Ma’am?”, I ask.

“Do I fucking look alright?”, she yells, “I thought she was my friend and…. Well”

“Come through to the sitting room”, I suggest, “I’ll get you a drink, and then you can vent your frustrations on me. I’m a good listener”

She accepts my suggestion, and I guide her along the passage to the sitting room.

“What would you like to drink?”

“What’s the most expensive bottle she’s got?”, she asks.

“There’s a 30 year old Napoleon Cognac”, I offer, “or there’s an 8 year old Talisker”

“Talisker. Ice. Water on the side”.

I pour the scotch over ice and hand it to her. A second glass I fill with cold water and place it on the table beside her before sitting on the sofa next to her.

She takes a long sip of the single malt, licks her lips and places the glass back on the coaster.

She turns to face me.

“He bloody well came in her after just 2 strokes”, she complains, “he never gets that turned on with me”.

“I can’t believe that”, I reply, ”I mean, look at you. Gorgeous figure, sensuous lips, eyes you could drown in. How could he not”. I put my hand on her thigh as I look deep into her eyes.

“He said that she was too tight, and that was why he came so quickly”, she complains, taking another sip of the Talisker. I notice that she has not touched the water.

“That’s just one of her little techniques”, I tell her, slowly stroking her leg. “Plenty of pelvic floor exercises help her squeeze a cock quite tightly. She can sit on a cock and  wank it off without moving her hips. I’m sure you could do it too with a bit of practice.”

“How”, she says, ”Just how I am supposed to do that – I wouldn’t know where to start”

“I could give you a little instruction”, I offer, “A little guidance as to what you need to do”.

My hand is nearly at her crotch, and she has unconsciously opened her legs a little. I lean forward and just brush my lips against hers, fleetingly.

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